“As an artist, I reflect the world around me and hope to show the world how beautiful we can be” -Kate Patrick, Crafted from Scratch Kate Patrick is an Oregon City High School graduate who started Crafted from Scratch in fall of 2014. Being an Oregon City native with no intention of leaving this city, her and her husband were high school sweethearts with a love of art. Kate graduated

  “Buying Local helps support small businesses. My handmade products are made with care, quality and comfort in mind.” –Beth Steinhauer, Twisted Designs By Beth Twisted Designs started in February of 2013 with a love of jewelry and a passion for creativity. Beth had a vision for lightweight and durable earrings that would push the envelope by burning and hammering metal to create unique pieces. Twisted Designs embodies a casual,

Black Lake Botanicals is a Portland-based natural wellness store, specializing in herbal medicinal tinctures, salves, liquors, body & bath oils, candles and aromatherapy. Find out more about them via their website. Q: When did you start your business?A: 2014. During my senior year of college, which is why the business was placed on the back-burner until now. Q: What made you want to create these products? A: Healthcare can be

This holiday season has gotten me all crazy about braiding. Braids have been “in” forever it seems, but people are always coming up with new ways to do it. I mean, people take the same French braid and stick it on the side of their head and all of a sudden it’s a new trend. Braids are everywhere! Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, snuggle up in the front seat