“As an artist, I reflect the world around me and hope to show the world how beautiful we can be” -Kate Patrick, Crafted from Scratch

image2 225x300 Featured Artist: Crafted from ScratchKate Patrick is an Oregon City High School graduate who started Crafted from Scratch in fall of 2014. Being an Oregon City native with no intention of leaving this city, her and her husband were high school sweethearts with a love of art. Kate graduated from Portland State University where she studied fine art and now works as a graphic designer for a marketing company.

Kate describes Crafted from Scratch as her passion and a necessary part of her life. Crafted provides such a wide variety of products that all originate from Kate’s sketches. All Crafted from Scratch products are completely original designs and are all assembled by hand. She puts a lot of thought and care into all of her creations because she wants to make pieces that will be special and one of kind to her customers.

As an artist, Kate understands that original art can be expensive and unattainable and she likes to share her fine art in a mo,re affordable approach with the community. Although her main line is original art jewelry, she also makes stationary and cards with her unique sketches and designs on them. Crafted from Scratch also makes all-natural chapsticks and creates crystal wrapped jewelry as well.

“Live Edge is a completely unique location with a lot of potential. Sydnie [the owner] has been a friend for many years, and I was thrilled to learn of her plans for this shop. Downtown Oregon City is a growing neighborhood that feels like it is becoming something really special” -Kate Patrick

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