This holiday season has gotten me all crazy about braiding. Braids have been “in” forever it seems, but people are always coming up with new ways to do it. I mean, people take the same French braid and stick it on the side of their head and all of a sudden it’s a new trend. Braids are everywhere! Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, snuggle up in the front seat and I’ll take ya for drive.


So like most hairstylists, I have had my hair every color of a 164 count crayon box. In beauty school, every new color I created with Pravana Vivids I painted on my hair like I was Van Gogh. Now that I am 100% brunette (Pravana Dark golden violet) I am getting bored with my hair again. I love the color and am so happy with the health of my hair, but I MUST PLAY WITH HAIR. Stand down Color Fascination, HELLO Braiding Desires.


You know who doesn’t have a ton of different colors in their hair? Queens. Queens and Princess’ and all creatures of the crown. The Braiding possibilities give me that creative outlet, while also being able to keep my hair long and healthy. Lets take a minute to see how Daenerys Targaryen and Mary Queen of Scotts rocks the half up, half down braids.

 Long May You BraidScreen Shot 2013 06 10 at 11.03.09 260x300 Long May You Braid

This Half up-do is my new favorite style. Well, at least for this month. Having your hair down helps keep your neck warm on these cold winter days, but having your fringe pinned back protects you from eating it when the wind attacks. I like this look because I feel like it gives you so much room to add your own flare. If your anything like me, you don’t want to spend an hour trying to braid your hair in the morning. No, your braids may not look exactly like Daenerys, but who cares! You don’t have someone to do it for you and neither do I. What I do have is super thick, layered hair to tame.   Generally I don’t have the time or patience for such an eventful morning, but I do have 15 minutes of “Keep going, I’m not Re-doing this” to give it my all. Sleek may be out of reach, but Texture isn’t.


Lets make this as easy as possible, shall we? Go find this stuff:

stuff u need 300x300 Long May You Braid


Spray Bottle

Some light gel, flexible hold styling cream, or something of the sorts.

Small rubber bands



Now, try this out:

1. Section the top two sections in a “V” Line towards the back, starting at the temples. Then put the rest of your hair in a ponytail, so you’re not tempted.

2. Spray the sectioned hair with water, and add a very small amount of styling cream or gel and comb through first step 225x300 Long May You Braidyour sections (this helps prevent frizz and fly always from escaping when your trying to braid).

3. When braiding the sections, instead of bringing the gathered hair IN or OVER, you bring it UNDER so it
comes OUTWARD of the braid.

4. Once you get to the end of your section, braid all the way down the hair shaft, tie it with a rubber band, then do the next section the same way.

5. Then tie them both together with a small rubber band up at the crown of your head, leaving the ends of the two braids.

6. Section off the sections by your ears., spray it, and Braid it the same way as the top braids. Once you get to where the middle braids are hanging down, don’t grab anymore hair and braid all the way to the ends. Then rubber band the braid once you have braided all the way to the ends.

7. Take those two braids in the middle, and put them on the outside of the two bottom section braids, twisting them around, and rubber band at the end. Cut the rubber band (if you want) that is on the top section, or holding the small braids together.

8. Spray your hair with hairspray and you are good to go!

Don’t be discouraged by bumps or fly-aways, the sleek look isn’t “in”. Plus, your hair looks cooler then anyone else at your office party. Long may you braid.

side view1 225x300 Long May You Braid

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